Jan 26, 2012

Compaq presario CQ40-317AU Windows XP Driver

1. Netframework needed especially to install quicklaunch.
2. The audio must installed manually, you can read the installation guide i provided, of you still have problems leave your comments.

Install .Net Framework before others:

ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics/Video Driver
Download (catalyst version 9.10) - (strongly recommended)
( if the driver above didn't work try this)

MS UAA (required with a reboot before Audio driver)
or KB888111 (alternative for sp33867)
(for windows XP SP3 users read the additional notes at the end of the post)

after restart install this IDT
There are 3 recomendations for audio which reported worked by user. Try the first three drivers first and check whic work.

IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC Driver
Download ( SP41479.exe) - reported work
Download( reported worked)
Download (sp39545.exe) -reported work)
Download (sp45100.exe)  - strongly recommended

Installing the driver above will resulting in error, so we will nee to install it manually, not that i strongly recomend you uys to choose sp45100.exe to install the audio.

manual Installation For audio:

This is force method if you fail to install any audio i recommended above:
1. Download and Unzip/Extract the driver, example Sp45100.exe:
- right click on it and select EXTRACT FILE (you need to have winrar installed on your computer)
- Or you can directly install it, it will result in error but ignore it, because the installation will extract the driver file located at C:\SWsetup\SP41500

2. Open  Device Manager by click start and select run, type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter.

3. right click "Audio Device on HD",choose Update driver,

4. No to connect, Install from a list or specific location,
5. Select Don't Search, I will choose the driver to install,
6. For the Hardware Type select 'Show All Devices'
7. Remove the check from "Show Compatible Hardware" and click on "Have Disk".
Next...browse to the unzipped folder and choose the inf file. (the ind\f file varies base on the driver you choose, normally it is sthda.inf.
8. Ignore XP when it complains, Reboot.

High-Definition Audio (HDA) Modem Installer and Driver
Download (recomended)
or try this:

Windows Installer 3.1(required before wireless)

If you have Intel PRO/Wireless Drivers

if you have Broadcom Wireless
Download or

Realtek RTL8102E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC

JMB38X Card Reader Host Controller

ENE-CIR Reciever:

for HDMI Audio

ALPS Touchpad Driver

or try this new driver (not sure it will work)

HP Quick Launch Buttons

If you have Bluetooth,
The HP Integrated Module is your Bluetooth Wireless

If you had for 7 unknown devices (buttons drivers)here:
Download (direct link)
Download (mediafire)

Installation --> right click machine.inf, choose install.
or try automatic update by open device manager,
Unknown devices --> right click --> update driver --> next --> next

Additional Sound Installation
For windows XP SP3 try the Sound drivers given above, if it didn't work install this patch:
KB835221 restart and then install IDT given above.

Additional Notes For Modem Installation

HD SmartCP 56k Modem; link and manually install guide (after installed audio)
1.Right click on "Modem device on High Definition Audio Bus" and click Update driver.
2. Select "Install from a list or specific location"
3. Click Next. Then select "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install"
4. Click Next and then select "Modem" from the list.
5. Click Next and then click Have Disk.
6. Click Browse C:\swsetup\sp33890 folder and select the .inf (wis30b2b) file and click open
and Ignore if complaints