Feb 7, 2011

Sound Problem in Compaq Presario V3906TU windows XP

This post dedicated to the email i recieved from denny setiawan.

Message from denny(moderated).
I have already successfully installed window XP on my lappy Compaq Presario V3700/V3906TU, but i have problems with the sound. The volume control not responds to the sound or vice versa.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
or just click start - run - type"regedit" and enter, a windows will appera and select the according the order shown below


1. As mentioned before, click start - run - Type regedit in Run menu and enter, to direct you to Registry Editor

by clicking the small plus icon to expand

3. Click Software, from pulldown menu, click Edit-->New-->Key, name it as QPFlag

4. Click QPFlag, from pulldown menu, click Edit-->New-->DWORD Value, name it as QPFlag (again)

5. Double click the new QPFlag DWORD value and type 3 in value data

QPW (QuickPlay Windows)version 2.3 for XP

Update to the final version of QPW for XP

Cyberlink YouCam Software

this original problems solved by rakhmad sriegar at hp support forum