Feb 3, 2011

Install Windows XP on HP pavilion DV6899ee

If you need the driver click this link: http://laptop-driver.blogspot.com/2009/08/hp-pavilion-dv6899ee-xp-drivers.html

Make your Vista Recovery cd/dvd,for safety net:



This is the sata driver for your machine required for XP install,either using USB Floppy or my preferred method of slipstreaming with nLite:

Download and run it,make a floppy OR cancel floppy creation.The files will be extracted to C:\Swsetup\sp37005 to use with Nlite.

You can use Nlite to integrate the drivers into a new XP install cd.Nlite will even burn the new XP cd.
Very easy really,just follow the guide below closely.

Nlite download: